Feature: Brian Szeto’s NA8 Roadster

This week’s feature comes from sunny Northern California. Brian Szeto’s 1994 NA8 Miata sports a wonderful and tasteful combination of US and JDM offerings. Like many cars in the community, this roadster is no purpose-built show car – instead it’s an organic project, a layering of parts and work over the span of many years that came together to make an awesomely detailed NA canyon carver.

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KINOD 10: A Decade of Roadsters


Southern California has arguably been just as important as Japan in shaping the worldwide evolution of the Roadster community in the last decade, and no other SoCal event has had such an impact as KINOD. It’s truly a unique cultural phenomenon – a mixing of community and industry, an indicator and expander of the Roadster’s popularity among younger owners.

Fast-forward a decade to just two weeks ago. KINOD was set to celebrate its 10th anniversary, so we headed down to Industry for this special occasion.

Koyo Radiator install for 2006-2015 Mazda MX-5


Miatas at Mazda Raceway

This annual gathering of Miatas at Laguna Seca is one I’m very fond of; you would know this because at 4:15 am I had already been awake for an hour and was standing in a Krispy Kreme parking lot with half-awake friends and Rad Roadsters staff.




Bo Knows

A single word can sum up the entire miata in this article: rare. From head to toe this car wears parts hand-picked from the highest of rare part trees, the source remains a secret but Bo Gaut was kind enough to show us his Classic Red NA and around his home in lovely Oregon.



How much money is too much to spend when you’re buying wheels? Less than the cost of the car? How about this, how much is too much when playing around with a car? The average tuner probably stops around $5-10k. You dropped it on nice wheels, you made it handle and even did some power mods. What if I told you someone was well over 60 grand into a miata? Insane? Think about all the other cars you could have had for that much money! Maybe sometimes you don’t want those cars, you just want a miata.



I’d like to introduce a good friend of ours at Rad Roadsters, Mike Gaite! Mike has been around Miatas, or at least, a specific Miata for more than a decade. When you’ve been modding one car for that long it starts to show in custom details and touches, you just get bored with off the shelf parts and cookie-cutter builds. I’m not saying Mike has a fully built 2 liter stroker with individual throttle bodies, but the car he’s built to the idea in his head is definitely something special to behold, featuring more personally customized and fabricated parts than off the shelf ones. That’s a lot of hours put into a car.


Willis Wong’s NA’s

Willis Wong’s NA8C has long exuded a classy, Japanese feel to the local meets. His story began when he was living in San Diego, and had an EF Civic Hatch, whose clutch was about to call it quits any second. The search began for another car, he contemplated of 240’s and MR2’s; then came a day when a friend of his told him that he should look into Miatas. The preferences suddenly took a back seat due to the need of a car to get to work. He ended up buying my first Miata, a 1997 in Montego Blue. He would eventually make most of his mistakes on this particular car, over the course of two years an MP45 supercharger and hardtop were installed; but the car really turned out to be a lemon.






(Round 5 Recap:Big Willows)


@Mark_mx5’s clean NB!


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