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A single word can sum up the entire miata in this article: rare. From head to toe this car wears parts hand-picked from the highest of rare part trees, the source remains a secret but Bo Gaut was kind enough to show us his Classic Red NA and around his home in lovely Oregon.

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The first thing you’ll probably notice looking at Bo’s car is the front bumper. It’s a replica made by Garage Hundred One of the limited edition M2 Inc. 1001, which just 300 of were sold in Japan. Set inside of it are arguably one of the best looking turn signal intakes made by Jetsream. Further up the body you’ll find Bellof low-profile headlights shrouded by a single Dcuatro lid, accenting the Garage Vary Type I hood perfectly.

Rounding out the rest of the body is a set of Bomex sideskirts, a Simpson Design rear bumper and a subtle Murakami trunk lid, which also pays homage to another limited production M2 Inc. Miata.
Opening up the door gives a nice POP thanks to the Garage Star door bushings and reveals a plethora of shiny goods. The diamond stitched door panels feature Nielex door pulls and Nakamae latches, matching up nicely to the Nielex tombstone and hazdard switch, which is further complimented by the Art Works Dewa HVAC surround and RetroModern knobs.

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The car stirs to life via the flip of a few switches and a gentle push on the KG Works starter button, rattling the Art Works Dewa gauge cluster from it’s slumber and featuring one of the few American touches in the car, Revlimiter gauge faces, think that says something about his work?

You might hear a slight whine at idle, that comes from the Jackson Racing supercharger. Incoming air is chilled via the JR air to water intercooler, compressed and sent out the matching JR header, JR cat and impossible-to-find Brainstorm Products/HKS center exit exhaust.

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Don’t let all this JDM talk fool you though, this NA is no slouch in the corners either. Tein Flex soak up undulations in the road, while polyurethane bushings allow the suspension to move as it should and adjustable sway bars prevent it from moving as it shouldn’t. All this information from the road is translated by sticky Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Specs shod over some very rare SSR Star Sharks, sized 14×6.5 +13. I can count the number of sets of these wheels in 4×100, inside the U.S., on one hand.

Even with all the modification and aftermarket parts on the car it doesn’t scream overly done. Bo’s gone out of his way to achieve a retro inspired rendition of the miata, something you might find in a Road&Ster magazine 20 years ago, of which I heard his owns almost a complete set of. Bo loves hunting for rare parts so much he’s decided to turn it into a business, if you’re looking for something special maybe you’ll have to hunt for him.

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If you are looking for ultra rare Japanese parts for your Roadster shoot Bo a email.

Written by Garrett Ogle

Photos by Garrett Ogle and Kenjo Raif
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Bonus Photos

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